Bases for Xrumer, GSA Search Engine Ranker and Xneolinks

On our site you can always find bases for Xrumer, GSA Search Engine Ranker and Xneolinks and other programs. We parsed the database itself using its powerful server knowledge and abilities. As a rule, we always provide a database MIX, which are present all the engines forums, profiles, topics, blogs, articles, guest blogs, comments, and much more, as well as in the future will be available bases, divided by engine type and even categories of sites.

How we parse databases for Xrumer, GSA Search Engine Ranker and Xneolinks

All databases are paired with search engines Google, BING and Yandex that allows you to do successful runs after which the real growth of backlinks is visible in the offices of webmasters. We use parsing on two servers with different locations and connection of elite proxies, which guarantees fast and extensive parsing. After parsing is completed, the raw databases are loaded into the program for which they were sparsed, and is run on the same databases from two different servers and locations. This type of piercing the raw databases allows to almost double the result, as when using different ip and locations for many countries reduces the response time on the servers where donors are located.

Bases for GSA Search Engine

For GSA Search Engine database is paired during all runs. All links which are collected in the program for a month analyzed and checked for accurate links on the page and ready to go successful base cleaned of duplicates and put up for sale. Additionally for GSA Search Engine we provide a list of links distributed by site engines and posting types. When piercing GSA we use the tool gsa captcha breaker and in addition in some runs connect XEvil and services solving text captcha.

Bases for Xrumer

When parsing the databases for Xrumer, we must do additional parsing by the rest, what would further increase penetration of those resources where the captcha was not solved for the allotted number of attempts or the variable interval (a feature of the probing with Xrumer), with the necessary databases for Xrumer probing with the connection XEvil to unravel reCAPTCHA 2.0 from google, and connecting services reCAPTCHA to unravel text captures. Next, all databases are checked for accurate links to the successful by searching for it in the code sranitsa and have only those resources where it was 100% to leave a link or post in the topik exposed for sale.

Bases for Xneolinks

To Xneolinks bases are parsed as with the built-in intruments, and resort to additional Hrefer, GSA and others, which allows you to parse large databases. Note that for Xneolinks we will expose a few types of bases, these are as a fully punctured, where 100% managed to detect a link or text on the posting page, as well as those for which Xneolinks after parsing the verification was able to determine the type of engine (the latter will be much cheaper than the punctured).

When we pierce the base with Xneolinks we also make sure to re-run on the unproven. Punching is carried out with the connection XEvil to unravel reCAPTCHA 2.0 from google, and the connection service reCAPTCHA. If you wish recaptcha you can also unravel with additional services if you do not have the program XEvil.

Using databases Xrumer, GSA Search Engine Ranker and Xneolinks

Please note that we do not sell bases as many services that write that they have 100 000 thousands of successful registered profiles, but in reality only 1000 sites where they were able to leave links or post in the topic or comments, we put the base only on 100% checked for successful reference on the page. Verification is made 2 days after the end of the run, which would moderated sites have time to publish or delete the topicals. This method of checking allows you to get a really successful base for work by uploading it to the program you will receive successful leaving links or posting and placement.

You can work with our bases as you like. Many check them on the checktrust and post only on sites with low spam and high trust, also use them for pumping bought links, satelites promotion and so much more.

Please note that all the bases are sold no more than 10 copies, which would avoid spamming and uselessness of the bases. Many of the users are placing ready-made database on the Internet, thereby harming not only the other customers but also themselves, as if the base hits a public it becomes useless very quickly.