Bases for XRumer 19.x.x and GSA Search Engine Ranker

Updated GSA and Xrumer bases from 2022!

Fully successful and cleaned bases for XRumer 19.x.x and GSA Search Engine Ranker which are collected and punched by these programs in default mode without additional modifications and modules.

A description of each database contained directly in the product, the database can be a general MIX, which contains all the assayed resources without division, as well as separated by mobility, species (profiles, topics, articles, guest blogs, etc.) and other parameters.

All bases are checked for 100% successful posting. What goes in the successful placement is repeatedly checked for links in the code of the page and only then a clean base.

We advise you to take only those bases that are the first in the list and have a recent date, as we update the database continuously and add new resources by removing those that have stopped working or they have lost the opportunity to register or leave a link or post.

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