Fresh bases for GSA search engine ranker (only successful ones)

In this product you can always find updated bases for GSA search engine ranker collected by parsing search engines.

After ordering you can download the database for the past month and the current.

In the archive we attach two files, one which is exclusively txt sites cleaned by repeats without distribution of engines and types it can simply load into the software and work, in the second file, all the successful punched sites with the distribution of engines and types of redirects, indexers, articles, topics, blogs, comments, social bookmarks and more. But do not forget when you select the table as necessary whether it be articles or profiles, then be sure after you save the file to clean the repetitions.

The base is broken through with the connection gsa captcha breaker

The base for the GSA search engine ranker we collected during the month. This and parsing search engines, and successfully prosecuted projects to place links and articles, runs dorweevs and donors of various kinds. After all of this we pooluchaem a month a huge number of resources where gsa managed to post and put them on the double check and only successfully tested placements put here.

What can be used base GSA search engine ranker

Database sites for the program GSA search engine ranker can be used for a variety of purposes such as simple runs to strengthen links or drive donors or white sites. Thanks to the settings of GSA, the program can make the most careful selection of resources for the parsing of certain search engines, for certain queries, check their rank, country and many other settings through which you can create a powerful project for the promotion of an ordinary site.

There are a lot of settings in the program and it makes it quite difficult, but it is functional. Many believe that GSA is better than Xrumer and many believe the opposite. We believe that each piece of software is good in its own way as for example GSA can not break through many quality resources in contrast to the Xrumer, but in spite of the complexity of the settings GSA is a single tool that can work with ready-made databases or simply within the current project itself to seek them out and immediately try to post to them. Of course, for beginners it may even be more convenient because we do not need separate databases. But keep in mind that would be to collect such a base for GSA as we sell, need more than one month zavtstvatsya searches and piercing. Working with the same ready-made database for the GSA speed placement on it just cosmic! For 6 hours of ready-made base on our server is placed in 100 threads more than 30000 successful.

How better to work with the GSA base

Pay attention that after placing on the current database if you select not only articles and forums in the program settings, but all by itself you will get a lot of indexers, redirects and other sources of links which in themselves never will enter the index and will not give any good. That is why if you want to run that would give your promotion a good boost and was as successful as possible then you should, after a run to get all the successful links and re-charge them on the propogonku in the new project. Thus, you will help all the links quickly indexed and firmly entrenched in the index, just as there is a chance that someone will be on the links redirects.