Runs and placements Xrumer

XRumer is a unique web tool, which was developed specifically for the operating system Windows, this program is designed for automatic distribution and publication of articles in blogs, guest books, message boards and everywhere else you can leave some information on behalf of the user. It uses its own database of proxy servers, which makes it almost impossible to block the software by IP. Based on the above it’s safe to say that XRumer is the most powerful program on the Internet for the intelligent promotion, but the majority of the owners use only twenty percent of the total power and capabilities.

How XRumer works

The possibilities of this clever software are just amazing in their breadth and scope. XRumer is not just a separate program with a function, it’s a whole complex of programs that works with a large number of plug-ins and modules, thanks to which the functionality of XRumer is enormous. The developers of XRumer do not stand still and constantly update the program algorithms, focusing it on the new requirements of search engines, which in turn, ensures that XRumer is always up to date in real time.

Features of XRumer

XRumer has such a way that its work takes place in a multi-threaded mode, the software itself is registered in the forums, then enters the created profile and already it places the necessary information, thanks to its own proxy database, the productivity of this type of posting has increased significantly, and the risk of bans on certain sites is reduced. The whole process of work Hroomer fixes in reports, in which you can always see the exact links to the successful publications, which analysis in turn allows you to clean the database of outdated donors and keep the database is always up to date at the moment in time.